Trentino – A Region of History, Lakes and Hearty Dishes

Today's autonomous region of Trentino, part of Northern Italy along with a more northern portion of territory called Alto Adige, is a natural multicultural border territory between the Italic peninsula and the Germanic regions beyond the Alps. It has been this way ever since 1027 when the German Emperor Conrad II and the Holy Roman … Continue reading Trentino – A Region of History, Lakes and Hearty Dishes

Torrone and Mandorlato

Once every year during the months of November and December, Northern Italians prepare to celebrate Christmas. Famous winter holiday sweets, cherished and gifted throughout the northern regions besides Panettone, Pandoro and Croccante include: TORRONE and MANDORLATO.   Torrone and Mandorlato, prepared with more or less hardened beaten egg whites, honey, sugar and either toasted almonds, … Continue reading Torrone and Mandorlato