A History of Northern Italian and Hispanic North American Food, Recipes, and Ingredients.

The Wild Chile

Peperoni (Italian): also called Peppers (English) or Chiles (Spanish)
Early chiles grew wild and were used and sold by American Natives in many…

Christopher Columbus

Every once in a while mankind’s destiny is dramatically changed by fortunate circumstances or by people who might be morally flawed but do something…

Manzo – Beef

Manzo (Italian): Beef (English) or Res (Spanish) or Vaca (Spanish)
Humans raised meat animals and especially bovines as early as 8,000 B.C…

Tacchino – Turkey

Tacchino (Italian): Turkey (English) or Pavo (Spanish) or Guajalote (Native)
It is commonly accepted that turkeys were domesticated in Mexico as early as 200 B.C.

Italian & N. American Salsas

Italian Salsa: also called salsa di pomodoro or sugo or salsa alla pizzaiola
In Italian culinary lingo, salsa is a semi liquid specialty that is used to…