A History of Northern Italian and Hispanic North American Food, Recipes, and Ingredients.

The Wild Chile

Peperoni (Italian): also called Peppers (English) or Chiles (Spanish)
Early chiles grew wild and were used and sold by American Natives in many…

Christopher Columbus

Every once in a while mankind’s destiny is dramatically changed by fortunate circumstances or by people who might be morally flawed but do something…

Manzo – Beef

Manzo (Italian): Beef (English) or Res (Spanish) or Vaca (Spanish)
Humans raised meat animals and especially bovines as early as 8,000 B.C…

Tacchino – Turkey

Tacchino (Italian): Turkey (English) or Pavo (Spanish) or Guajalote (Native)
It is commonly accepted that turkeys were domesticated in Mexico as early as 200 B.C.

Italian & N. American Salsas

Italian Salsa: also called salsa di pomodoro or sugo or salsa alla pizzaiola
In Italian culinary lingo, salsa is a semi liquid specialty that is used to…

All About the Chile

CHILES, ALSO CALLED CHILE PODS, CHILI PEPPERS, PIMENTOS Because of local soil and climate conditions rating the fruits of the Capsicum plant can deviate from a pre-established heat pungency scale. Generally under hot and dry weather conditions chiles grow more pungent; and mature pods tend to be more pungent than those not yet fully ripe. … Continue reading All About the Chile