LA CIOCCOLATA DEI MISSIONARI – Bestiame, frumento, e l’eredita’ di Padre Kino nel Messico settentrionale e in Arizona

LA CIOCCOLATA DEI MISSIONARI  – Bestiame, Frumento, e l’eredita’ di Padre Kino nel Messico settentrionale e in Arizona – Storia e Ricette [Cover price Euros 22]

This book authored by Elisabetta and published by Italian publisher Osiride features the passionate story of the Northern Italian missionary Padre Kino (Eusebio Chini) who between 1681 and 1711 preached, worked, and lived in Mexico and Arizona. Written in Italian, the volume includes beautiful color photographs of landscapes and ingredients and ancient black and white maps. With its documented history, ancient and modern recipes and Native legends the book is not only a religious tale of the life of a sturdy northern Italian Jesuit who with his education, with his mentality of tolerance, and with physical stamina gave impetus to an entirely new North American economy but also an account on how a fusion of European, Oriental, and American ingredients and a few important historic protagonists have shaped and changed the Mexican and U.S. Southwestern gastronomy and culture.

160 pages – 91 color photographs – 9 ancient maps – 37 sweet and savory recipes together with a chapter and an analytical index together with foot notes and useful 3 charts depicting Mexican, Italian and North American meat cuts. Available in book shops and via the internet or directly from the Italian publisher Edizioni Osiride, Viale del Lavoro, 14B 38068 Rovereto (Trento) Italy at or by emailing

A new book describing Padre Kino’s heritage in Northern Mexico and Arizona with the history of imported and exported foods such as cattle, wheat and chocolate

Padre Kino’s Pimeria -Padre Kino heritage in Northern Mexico and Arizona – about cattle, wheat and chocolate -All rights reserved by Culinary Roots and Recipes 2019

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