Italian & N. American Salsas

Italian Salsa di Pomodoro ~ © Elisabetta Giacon 2014

Italian Salsa: also called salsa di pomodoro or sugo or salsa alla pizzaiola

In Italian culinary lingo, salsa is a semi liquid specialty that is used to enhance foods that are prepared separately.

In Italian way of cooking there are basically 4 types of salsa:

  • A salsa which is prepared with butter and flour and various liquids (example salsa besciamella).
  • A salsa prepared with the addition of eggs, oil, lemon or vinegar (example salsa maionese).
  • A salsa which combines ingredients such as anchovies, capers, and or herbs (example salsa verde or salsa gremolada for ossi buchi).
  • And a salsa made from tomatoes that sometimes is also called sugo per pasta or salsa alla pizzaiola.

Hispanic North American Salsa

Mexican Salsa - © Elisabetta Giacon 2014

Mexican Salsa – © Elisabetta Giacon 2014

In Hispanic American cuisine salsa is a concoction of either fresh or cooked ingredients that usually include chiles, tomatoes, lemon juice or vinegar and cilantro. Salsa is usually served with other dishes and especially with Carne Asada.

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