Culinary Roots and Recipes began in the United States in 1991 and has since provided American English culinary texts, newspaper and magazine food columns, content for food relates internet texts and measurement adaptations throughout the American and the European food and gastronomy world. Culinary Roots and Recipes has also revised food and drink related texts and localized Italian and German cookbooks.

Since 1991 Culinary Roots and Recipes offers the following:

  • Recipe translations and localization of recipes
  • Recipe adaptations to either American or European standards
  • Cookbook translations and revisions
  • Food writing for food blogs and food related literature
  • Food history and research

Culinary Roots and Recipes combines fluency in the American target language with an expertise in the field of gastronomy, food history and cookery.

Culinary Roots and Recipes is especially proud of its rich and well organized database of food and food preparation related terms which includes also terms used during the Italian Renaissance.

Culinary Roots and Recipes Prices and Fees


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