Culinary Roots and Recipes began in the United States in 1991 as a small business which first provided English American and later, foreign publications with culinary related writings.

For over 15 years, Culinary Roots and Recipes has provided the international food industry with history and food related research, measurement adaptations, and translation and adaption of Italian, German, and English American cookbooks.

Culinary Roots and Recipes currently provides Italian, German, and English food and beverage translations and writing. This international service that can offer the following:

  • Recipe translations
  • Recipe adaptions to either American or European standards
  • Cookbook indexing
  • Cookbook translations
  • Editing and evaluations of texts already translated
  • Food writing
  • Food history and research

Culinary Roots and Recipes combines native fluency in the target languages with an expertise in various specialized fields of knowledge such as cooking, baking, international and American regional ingredients, international and American regional food ways.

Culinary Roots and Recipes is aware that the very nature of international business requires accurate cultural appropriateness and familiarity with those ingredients, foods and drinks that are an integral part of international specialties and culinary methods.

Culinary Roots and Recipes is especially proud of translations, recipe adaptations, editing, and food writing work done with ancient and modern cookbooks and gastronomic texts, calendars, encyclopedia and glossaries for diverse publishers throughout the world. With the experience gained, Culinary Roots and Recipes can offer an especially rich and well organized database of specialized terms.

Culinary Roots and Recipes Prices and Fees


Culinary text translations from Italian into English and from German into English; Recipe translations, adaptations, and measurement conversions; Recipe translations, adaptations, measurement conversions and testing; Evaluations and Revisions of cookbooks, culinary texts and food dictionaries; Food Columns (in English or Italian – with our without photographs) – weekly or monthly or quarterly; Revisions of Italian, English, English American culinary and food & beverage translations: –
Please submit proposals and samples to receive a quote.

To request Italian and English American food writing assignments such as food and/or beverage related columns, gastronomy related press-newsletters, housewares and/or gourmet show and convention reports: contact Culinary Roots at or use the contact form below.


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