The Ocean and Salt Water Taffy

From Norfolk to Virginia Beach, Virginia

From Norfolk to Virginia Beach, Virginia

I love entering and staying in Norfolk, Virginia! Seeing the water properties with their individual piers and sailboats lined up; driving through the long Hampton Bridge Tunnel that swallows cars and sounds of radios; leaving behind the misty background of the huge Navy carriers stationed at the Norfolk Navy Base; glancing at Hampton Bay Bridge’s open water ways where the silent submarines pass before their long and secret deployments; turning right on Ocean View Boulevard and looping into Lea View where my friends Alba and Jim are at home, makes my heart sing! I also enjoy speaking Italian American with my dear friends. Virginia Beach is not far away from their lovely home tucked between the end of the bridge and the beach. Great is also meeting my friends Tina and Jone who have spent a life long in Virginia Beach.

Salt Water Taffy in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Salt Water Taffy in Virginia Beach, Virginia

In Norfolk and Virginia Beach I love also eating crab cakes, cream of crab, and salt water tuffy! Salt water taffy? The candies made especially by the Forbes along Virginia Beach’s Laskin Boulevard, are actually not made with salt water. Their chewy dough is the product of mixing sugar, corn starch, food coloring, glycerin, water, butter and a little salt. No, no salt water. The multicolored semi hard chewy candies were first created around 1880 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As “salt water taffies” the candies became popular there and throughout beach resorts of the North American East; in 1930 the Forbes of Virginia Beach began making and selling salt water taffy from door to door and in 1933 the first of Forbes’s candy and salt water taffy stores opened across Virginia Beach’s most popular beach – Hope you too can taste these! Elisabetta

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