From North America to Northern Italy and Back

Ghent of Norfolk

Recently several friends asked me to write a blog about food and on traveling between North America and Northern Italy. So here it is.

Traveling from the U.S capital of Washington D.C. on June 25 I will travel south in direction Mississippi passing by Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Norfolk is the home port for many Navy vessels and submarines; besides being the home of many sailors it is also the interesting home base for many Italians.  It has a fine art museum the Chrysler Art Museum (, an interesting water front harbor shopping and restaurant area and an old part of town called Ghent which reminds me the old Dutch cities in Holland.

Virginia Beach has beaches and water front boulevards and hotels for those who like to spend time at the beach and may be lay under the hot shining sun, promenade, drive the car or cycle back and forward along the boulevards and visit eateries or restaurants. I wish the Jewish Mother were still open; their Ruben sandwich was great.

~ Elisabetta

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